Tapping into the antioxidant and healing properties of nature’s finest ingredients, Kahve Skin Scrubs prides itself on using the finest coffee and matcha to ensure silky smooth results.

A locally designed and manufactured product, Kahve Scrubs are made from the most eco-friendly ingredients and practices.

Why matcha? This word has been floating around social circles for the past couple of months and Kahve Skin wanted in.

Matcha powder is rich in antioxidants which are powerful pieces in the anti-aging puzzle as they work to reduce inflammation and free radicals that are responsible for skin aging. A daily dose of matcha applied to the skin can powerfully counteract cellular damage and help reinforce the skin to defend itself.

A cup of coffee is not only needed to kickstart your day and get you out of bed when you simply cannot muster up the energy to do so but the antioxidants found in coffee fight off the signs of premature aging caused by pollution, heat and light. The softer coffee grounds are utilised as the perfect natural exfoliant which leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.

Priding themselves on skin rejuvenation and nourishment , promoting even tone and a radiant glow is Kahve’s sole priority.

Using the finest ingredients nature has to offer all packed into a brand that leaves you feeling sexy, now that is a product we can’t wait to try!

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