1. Tell us a little about yourself and your personal and professional background?

I’m a broadcast and audio professional who’s worked for the likes of MNET, the SABC and SuperSport. I also had an influence in local hip-hop in the early 2000s with The IV League, the springboard for AKA’s career.

2. What are some of your main passions and why are they important to you?

I consume a lot of music and I’m passionate about making quality music and backing future stars. It’s important to me, because as a form of self-expression, music gets to being as close to an actual conversation with someone as possible.

3. What apps can’t you live without?

Twitter and Youtube for my news. Apple Music for my audio fixation, along with music-making apps like Maschine. Voice Memo also ranks highly.

4. Where do you get most of your style inspiration?

I love me a good suit, so Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. I keep on top of sneaker releases with Hypebeast and other feeds that showcase the latest drops.

5. Describe your personal style

It’s evolving into a clean and mature look, where the clothes are a lot more fitted. Being such a sneaker fiend allows my shoes to be the centerpiece of my outfits.

6. What is your go-to outfit/look?

I’ve developed a capsule wardrobe for the most part with pops of colour. So, a tee good jeans and fresh comfy sneaks does the trick. I also look for any excuse to whip out a tailored suit and cobbled shoes.

7. Who is your favourite fashion icon?

I don’t really have one in particular and tend to create a pastiche of influences from well-dressed individuals.

8. What is your dream collaboration?

Anything with Daft Punk or the recently revived Nile Rodgers. Being an 80’s baby means I love me some disco and old-school.

9. What does a typical day look like for you?

Since now I own my own time and my own new business, it revolves around fine-tuning its structures ahead of what will be a formative 2018. Recently brought a recording studio online that’ll service the creative industry.

10. What is your go-to beauty routine?

It’s pretty simple. A high quality face wash from Vichy and a good SPF-filled face cream. My skin isn’t really that moody. I’ve been really fortunate to have great skin that’s withstood many years of make-up whilst working on TV.

11. What are some dreams of yours?

To help export our music overseas. I always travel to music festivals in Europe and America and I definitely see room for us.

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years years-time?

Living between Europe and South Africa continuously working to plug in our foremost talent into their scene.

13. What are the best things to do in your city?

Explore the parks and restaurants. I spend a lot on good food because to me, nothing is equally as intimate as sharing a good meal with someone.

14. Are you part of any social communities in your city?

Nah not really. I’m the guy who people watches and tries to better understand the market he’s looking to serve.

15. Any hidden talents?

I’m a mean braai master 🙂