Inspired by his peers and the work of photographers and painters, Lorenzo Plaatjies gets his creative juices flowing by sitting on the internet and listening to good music to set the mood.

Gathering his inspiration from the content that is found on the internet, Lorenzo Plaatjies is a tech genius as he designs most of his artwork on his phone. Digital is his medium and it is not hard to see why.

Lorenzo Plaatjies collaborated with MRP to bring us a hint of pink, packed with a whole lot of meaning.



Using the streets of South Africa, pop culture and a love for the idiosyncratic singer-songwriter Frank Ocean as his inspiration, Lorenzo Plaatjies work stands out among the crowd as one of South Africa’s most talented artists.
This is Lorenzo Plaatjies and this is his collaboration with MRP.

With the aim of presenting his tee in a unique aesthetic, Lorenzo has captured a very romantic and worn out feel that he hopes kids like him would appreciate. He wanted his tee to look unfinished like an 1800s Italian painting.

A digital design referenced back to the 1800s and worn today in the 21st century, now that is creative genius!

Lorenzo advises that you wear yours with loose cuffed jeans and sneakers or match it up in pink hued pants.

Get your hands on your very own at selected MRP stores and online at mrp.com today!

Get to know everything and more about who Lorenzo Plaatjies is here @lorenzoplaatjies