3. What are the 5 invaluable tips you can share for shooting looks, what would they be?

Five invaluable tips that I have for shooting outfits are; a good camera, a pretty back drop or even a minimal backdrop, being comfortable (just have fun), good lighting, and finally a good angle can really change the shot.

4. What camera do you use to shoot? and do you have any favourite locations or backdrops?

I use the Canon 500D and I my favorite places to shoot are in my garden (I’ve always shot my outfits there, and so it’s become my trademark haha)

13. What is your go to beauty routine?

My go- to beauty routine is; cleanse and moisturise before I apply any makeup, I don’t like wearing foundation so I tend to keep my makeup look quite minimal with just a bit of concealer and eye makeup. And I ALWAYS take my make up off before bed!

14. What are some dreams of yours?

My biggest dream at the moment is to go to New York Fashion Week, or even Paris Fashion Week! Outside of fashion, my biggest dream would be to complete my degree and become a fully qualified psychologist.

15. Any hidden talents?

I’m not sure I have any hidden talents, I’m a pretty good cook haha!

16. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years time, I see myself…hopefully qualified. I hope by then my blog has grown even more, and perhaps I’ve even broken onto the international blogging scene.

17. What are the best things to do in your city?

Best thing to do in my city is explore! There’s so much to discover in Joburg, and so many opportunities to meet new and different people and cultures. There’s also a lot of amazing things to do in nature just a few minutes outside of Joburg!

1. Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Nikki, and I’m a third year Psychology student at Unisa, I also love animals and traveling and I’m a bit of an introvert. I started my blog Fashionable Passion in July 2011, after reading so many international fashion blogs, I became inspired by the idea of creating an ‘online diary’ of my daily outfits. I wanted my blog to be a personal space, and I enlisted the help of my mother to be the photographer. I started taking photo’s of my everyday outfits and my blog slowly grew from there. I wanted my outfits to be casual, and something that every girl could wear.

2. What are some of your main passions and why are they important to you?

Some of my main passions are; fashion (of course!) :), I love reading and I’m passionate about animals!

5. What are some apps you cant live without?

Apps that I can’t live without are; Instagram (of course!!), lookbook, the stylista, and squareready.

6. Where do you get most of your inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from online bloggers, Instagram and online fashion communities. I also get inspiration from my mother (her closet is to die for!!)

7. Describe your personal style

I would describe my personal style as minimal or casual. I try to keep my outfits simple, but still with a little something ‘extra’ that make them a bit different.

8. Favourite colour of the moment

I’m obsessed with dusty pink at the moment. Any muted colours are beautiful!

9. What is your go to outfit/look?

Boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt or white shirt, and sneakers or brogues.

10. Who is your favourite fashion icon?

Hmmm, my favourite fashion icon? That’s a hard one because I have a lot! I love Coco Chanel! Fashion icons today… I would have to say Chiara Ferragni (the blonde salad) Julie Sarinana (Sincerely Jules), Rachel Zoe… there’s too many to mention!

11. What is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be either Chiara Ferragni, Alex Centomo or Julie Sarinana.

12. What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day usually consists of studying and working towards my degree. I also take outfit photo’s nearly everyday and edit them myself.

18. Are you part of any social communities in your city?
I’m not a part of any social communities in my city, although I’d love to be. Does the Stylista count?:)