With a throwback to the playfulness of the 90s comes an amusing and light hearted collaboration we want you to wear this summer.

This born and bred Pretorian Illustrator has joined forces with MRP to bring us a fun and positive skateboarding dino and we cannot wait to wear him.

Drawing strength and energy from each project she invests her time in, listening to music and enjoying the fresh air with her pup helps her design and create her original pieces.

Meet Maaike Bakker.

Dabbling in some creative illustrations, Maaike spends most of her time creating her one of a kind pieces digitally. Working on her iPad pro and using a variety of illustration based apps, Maaike enjoys the freedom her art has allowed.

Collaborating with MRP, Maaike has created an illustration that is amusing, childlike and fun. Using bright colours and positive words of affirmation, a 90s inspiration was coloured into her tee.

Inspiring wearers to not have too much of a serious outlook on life, a smiling skateboarding dinosaur can be seen whizzing by.

Get your hands on this fun loving tee at exclusive MRP stores and online today at mrp.com today!