Doc Martens – we know them, we love, and we have no doubt that you do too! This iconic brand has remained constant in every fashionista’s closet throughout the decades, and when a shoe this versatile (and comfortable) why wouldn’t it? Now don’t panic because there’s quite literally no ‘wrong’ way to wear your Doc’s! Whether you want them to be the centre piece of your latest look or blend into your everyday run-around apparell – they can.

Mix up the grunge-inspired 1460 Paint Splatter Doc’s with an all-black ensemble like our girl Nikiwe or go for a more classic dungaree look with the sheer detailed Burg Airwore Sole with oval stitching. The beauty of Doc Martens ladies is that no matter how you decide to style your pair of Doc’s there isn’t a soul alive who can say ‘Honey you’re doing it wrong!.

Step out in the oriana twist fisherman’s sandal that has an extra- chunky platform sole and pointed toe, it can be paired with a dress and bold accessories