Meet Anja or Nanna as her friends refer to her as, drawing and writing all the way from the Mother City. Creating interesting pieces to keep her afloat whilst she finishes off her PhD, we are getting to know Nanna here.

Being one of the six standout artists that MRP has collaborated with Nanna’s tee is a remix of the classic “Rosie Riveter” design. Rosie is a symbol of female economic empowerment and Nanna had fun updating her for a new audience.

The slogan “Do it yourself” is a play on the concept of DIY, however, it can be a battle cry for self –determination. Inspired by creative scenes and those involved in them, Nanna is constantly switching up her output to include a variety of drawings, paintings , comics and creative writing.

Empowering women one t-shirt at a time look out for Nanna’s bold offering at selected MRP stores and online at and get to know much more about her here @nannaventer today!