What is Stylista?

Stylista is an online social community that offers fashion inspiration from real street style lovers around South Africa.

How does Stylista work?

Signing up is FREE for users. You can create an account that allows you to upload and document your evolving styles as well as draw daily fashion inspiration from others.

  • You can "make it shine" (vote for) styles that you like or find inspiring.
  • You can follow your favourite users to keep up-to-date with trends.
  • You can interact with others by giving positive feedback on their styles.
  • You can promote your blog, website, boutique, photography etc.

You can receive rewards (Style Stars) from Stylista, brands & reputable fashion magazines that feel you are on top of trends & interacting positively with others.

You can create a "Stylista Tag" that is visible on your blog/website promoting your styles and followers.

Stylista aims to maximize interaction between three groups: the style creator, inspiration finder and brands.

How do I become a member?

To become a FREE member

What is a "style"?

A style is a photograph uploaded by an active user that displays their street style outfit, describing the brands and items they are wearing.

How do I vote for styles I like?

To vote for a style you can click on the "make it shine" button, which is situated next to each image.

You can keep track of the user that inspires you by clicking on the "follow" tab. Only when you are logged in will you be able to vote for users, follow users, view those you are following and comment on styles.

How does the new page work?

The "latest" page displays all recent styles posted by users. This page displays styles on a real-time basis. A user is limited to posting one style per day.

How does the top page work?

The top page displays top styles of the day (last 24 hours); week (7 days) & month (30 days) based on total "make it shines" (votes). We only take into account "make it shines" (votes) from registered users.

What is a style star & how do I receive one?

A style star is a reward given to stylistas to show appreciation for inspiring us all through their creative styles. Stylista, brands & reputable fashion magazines will have the opportunity to reward active users with "style stars" to show their gratitude.

  • Stylista rewards its users based on styles that are the most on trend.
  • Reputable fashion magazines reward users based on styles they like the best.
  • The top three users who have worn a brand the most often over a 30 day period will be featured on the brands page. Brands will choose one Stylista and reward them with the brands own personalized style star. All style stars will be showcased on the users profile page, underneath their style uploaded and on the brand page.

What can brands do on Stylista?

Brands have the opportunity to have their own featured brand page where they are able to view all styles posted by stylistas wearing their brand.
Each brand will have their own personalized style star which will be given to users who they feel are representing their brand the best.
Brands also have the option to upload their own collections and if they would like to, could use Stylista as a medium to sell their collections on their own online site.